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Art Director, Graphic Designer & Web Designer

Some projects and clients I had the pleasure of working with:
Boulangerie Farine
Kiwi RH
Groupe Fair-Play (for Inspiration Chef, Info Sexe et Mensonges & Martin Matte Foundation)
Ode Technologies (for Starlight Foundation & Montreal Children Hospital)
Emi Jeen
Super C
Spartan Investments
Maud Jasmin (Lawyer)
SenSix Communications & Events (for Mercedes-Benz)
Enzo Trapani (Artist)
La Coop des Faux-Monnayeurs (for several musical talents)

Tink Agency


Contractual work for web agency on projects for clients such as:
Redesign of Metro.ca
Via Rail

Woozworld & 1science

Graphic & Web Designer in two start-up companies

Collaborated with the marketing departments in creating an identity, a marketing plan and contributed in the growth of both companies.

Defacto Interactif & DME

Web Designer

Worked in-house for agencies on projects for clients such as:
Rimmel London
Au Pain Doré
Oklahoma City Thunder
Office Depot

Advantage Group

Graphic Designer (Print)

Worked in-house for a print agency on projects for clients such as:
Hilton Resorts in the Caribbean
Ocean Waters Spa
Marriott Charleston
Bimini Bay Resort & Casino
Acapulco Inn

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Nice to meet you

Professionally, I officially started working as Graphic Designer back in 2004 after earning a degree in Graphic Design Technology. My main focus was predominantly in the print industry, but as I saw the industry rapidly leaning more towards the internet, I added Web Design to my well of knowledge. I now enjoy going back and forth between Print and Web.

Personally, I'm a Quebecoise "pure laine" that has lived in the U.S. for half of my life. I now have two passports and living back in Montreal. Music takes a huge part in my life and fuels all of my designs. I enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hockey, pb&j, mountain air, ocean views and lots of sunshine.

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